Saturday, September 15, 2012

India's popular Islam: 4 short films at Studio Safdar, Delhi

Still from "Basant"
Film Screening & Talk:  India’s Popular Islam
Four Short Films on Devotional Muslim Culture

by Yousuf Saeed

Monday 17th September 2012, at 6.30 pm
at Studio Safdar and May Day Bookstore/Café, Delhi

In India, Islam and Muslims have evolved rich cultural traditions through interaction with other traditions. While Muslim societies all over the world are turning to a more sanitised religion devoid of local cultural traditions, this video presentation and talk explores a few examples of rich festivals, religious rituals and visual iconography followed by Muslims in different parts of India. The following short documentaries will be screened along with introduction and discussion by the filmmaker:

- 'Basant', 13 mins. This film looks at the unique version of Basant Panchami (spring festival) celebrated by the Sufis and qawwals at the dargah of Nizamuddin Aulia in Delhi.

- 'Sufi Sama', 14 mins. A short history of the evolution of qawwali and Sufi sama in India, especially its links with Hindustani classical music.

- 'Muharram at Amroha', 15 mins. A film that looks at how the rituals and iconography of Muharram ashura have adopted a lot from Hindu rituals, especially at north India's small town Amroha.

- 'Jannat ki Rail', 7 mins. A short musical video that celebrates the colourful religious poster art produced in India.

The filmmaker, Yousuf Saeed, is also the author of the book "Muslim Devotional Art in India" which he would introduce briefly. 

* Both Studio Safdar and May Day are small spaces with limited seating, so best to arrive early.

None of the events are ticketed. We are unable to pay anything to the artists who enrich our lives, unless you contribute. We’ll spread the chadar at the end of the performance. These contributions will be shared 50:50 with the artists.
Studio Safdar has been made possible by hundreds of voluntary donations from across the country and beyond. Please consider making a donation that will help us equip and maintain the space better.

Studio Safdar and May Day Bookstore and Café
2254/2A Shadi Khampur, New Ranjit Nagar, New Delhi 110008Metro: Shadipur. Directions: Shadipur metro – Satyam Cinema – cycle ricksha – ‘Biyaasi number’ – May Day board next to DMS booth.

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